Randomness from Yesterday

March 21, 2007

On the train:

I saw an old guy dry shaving his face on the train into
Chicago.  I see lots of interesting/odd things on the train.  Oh and the stories I hear are pretty good too!


Overheard on the street:

You know how when you walk down the street you sometimes hear just a few words of a conversation as you walk past someone going in the other direction.  These words stand out above the drum of traffic and other conversation noise.  These are the fragments of conversations that I heard yesterday while walking on the streets of Chicago:

“My Mom and Dad…” in a very excited tone

“I made some really good…”

“Oh, shut up…”

“don’t play dumb with me…”

“fucking moron…”

“of me in Chicago for my…” said by a traveler with a strong accent and a camera

In the grass:

I live in a suburb of Chicago and take the train into the city for work every day.  I leave for work to catch the last express train and always have to park in the parking lot farthest from the train.  On the past few Tuesdays the parking lot has been full by the time I got there (I guess more people take the train to Chicago on Tuesday that any other day), so I had to park on the street an additional 3 blocks away from the train.  As I was walking back to my car last evening I counted some things that were laying in the grass in the three block stretch of grass that runs between the train tracks and the street.  There were 24 alcohol containers and 4 shoes (not pairs, just single shoes).  The neighborhood is a little less than desirable.


4 Responses to “Randomness from Yesterday”

  1. mrschili said

    I love hearing bits of conversations in passing. Some of the snippits one hears are SO improbable, and it’s fun to try to either complete the sentence or figure out where the conversation started….or where it’s headed!

  2. Heather said

    Overhread in New York has some good ones.

  3. Heather said

    Er, that’s “Overheard”, not whatever I was typing.

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