Someone has been enjoying all this snow we have.

December 3, 2006

I am not a huge fan of winter, ice, cold weather, or snow.  Yes I know I live in Illinois.  I have lived in this state all my life.  I should move.  I am not going to move, so I guess I should start getting used to it. 

Cooper however, loves the snow.  I was not sure how he would react when I took him out at 6am on Friday when we already had several inches and it was still coming down.  He thought it was the best thing since his squeaky toy! Absolutely loved running around in it, attacking it, chasing it, digging it, and getting covered in it.  We have had to drag him inside (because we are freezing – and he is shaking).  Click on the picture to see how he ended up covered in snow like he is. 


4 Responses to “Someone has been enjoying all this snow we have.”

  1. kat said

    I have two labs and today was the first snow fall. It was beautiful and my dogs were in heaven. They love snow, catching snowballs + just having fun. Doesn’t it just make you happy to see them happy?

  2. sarah said

    oh my gosh! i think cadence needs to learn how to play in the snow from a dog. she wouldn’t even walk in the snow, let alone play in it. of course, by saturday, the snow was pretty hard…

    fyi, i tagged you for a ‘5 things you probably didn’t know about me’ meme on my blog. no pressure to participate or anything, just letting you know! =)

  3. Mrs. Chili said

    Thank you for my Christmas card!! How lovely of you!

    I hope you and your family have a perfectly wonderful holiday!


  4. mrschili said

    Just checking in to say that I’m still checking in. I hope you’re all well….

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