Welcome December!

November 30, 2006

I am glad I decided to jump into this blogging thing, and to do it with the commitment of posting every day for a month.  It has been a great experience so far.  I plan to keep up with it.  Probably not everyday, but that is probably a good thing.   I have enjoyed getting out there using the Randomizer and finding other people to read and being found.   Also it got my hubby to update his nearly year old blog! 

In honor of December, Illinois has decided to celebrate with a snow storm.  It is currently sleet/snowing out and it is supposed to continue tonight and into tomorrow.   Today at work I decided that I should plan to work from home tomorrow, just in case it is too dangerous to get the car out and drive to the train.  Planned ‘snow days’ rock! 

I will take some pictures of whatever we end up with tomorrow.


One Response to “Welcome December!”

  1. sarah said

    you were smart with your planned snow day! i wasn’t as smart, as you already know. it was actually really nice this afternoon around 2:30 in lake forest. the sun was out for a bit, and the snow was just beautiful. i wish i’d had my camera! the snow is so much more white and abundant up in the far northern burbs. by tomorrow, i’m sure everything will be grey and yucky here in chicago…

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