Everyday Things Are Beautiful Too

November 29, 2006

Sometimes we forget to slow down and actually notice the things around us on a daily basis. Sure we are all pretty good at looking at all the buildings and people when we are on vacation or somewhere new. But what about that drive or walk that we take everyday? As I drive to and from the train, as I walk to and from my office, and I walk around other parts of Chicago, as I sit on the train I try to open my eyes, look up, and observe. A lot of times I just see normal things and nothing of beauty jumps out at me. But other times something will just catch my eye.

  • The huge deep eyes of a little boy with crazy hair standing with his mom at a bus stop (seen from a cab in Philadelphia).
  • The contrast of the edge of a building with blue sky behind it.
  • The collection of items in a window seen from the street.
  • The wrinkle filled face of a homeless man wearing a fishing hat in the park by the lake.
  • The joy or frustration on someone’s face.

Sometimes I am lucky enough to have my camera along so I can capture these moments, other times I just have to remember them. I also have to remember to go back to them and “look” at them. And I always need to remember to slow down and take the world in.


One Response to “Everyday Things Are Beautiful Too”

  1. Mrs. Chili said

    This is a lovely post – and good advice. TwoBlueDay is doing a “walking distance” series, where he’s photographing things that can be seen within walking distance of his home. This post reminded me very much of his reasoning for doing that – that we all live someplace special and that it’s very easy to grow so used to your enviornment that we stop seeing the beauty around us.

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