We have a mouse

November 22, 2006

UPDATE:  Confirmed – mice.  Or we did…. caught two in the traps overnight.  Hope that was all.

Or mice… I am not sure.  I guess we will find out by how many we catch in the traps.  We were in the basement and noticed that there was a bunch of sawdust and concrete dust on one of the tables along the wall.  I poked into the insulation above the table near wear the basement attaches to the garage… and I saw a little mouse tail.  By the time I got the insulation pulled out mr. mouse was not there anymore.  I am pretty sure he ran into the garage.  My husband (the one who does not do bugs or critters) got the ladder and would only bring it half way across the basement and then almost wouldn’t go into the garage to get to the car to go to the store to get the traps.  We I pulled down all the insulation along the walls that touch the garage and we realized that there were a couple places where the basement was not sealed off from the garage.  We filled the gaps with “great stuff” the expanding spray stuff.  Then we set a couple traps in the basement (although I am sure the mouse is not in there) and several in the garage.  Unfortunately I have had quite a few experiences with mice, growing up in older houses in the country you are bound too.  Granted I will squeal and jump if one jumps out at me or startles me, but I can handle mice.


3 Responses to “We have a mouse”

  1. Leah said

    Ack! Need someone to sue the bastard builders?

    I agree though. Mice are far better than some infestations.

  2. kat said

    I don’t want to scare you, but we once thought we had a “mouse”, but as someone aptly told us, “you don’t have a mouse, you have mice.” yes, that’s plural! 🙂

  3. Amber said

    I always straightn my hair andd i get sick of it what do i do?

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