Babysitting in Nordstroms

November 19, 2006

So last Friday Lakeline had a haircut appointment and needed someone to watch her precious daughter…. Well M and I decided to take a LOOOOONG lunch and take on the task of watching Dorrie for a few hours.  Dorrie was GREAT!  She just looked around while we shopped a little.. then fell asleep on M’s lap in the shoe department.  I have babysat quite a bit in my life, but this experience in a public place was quite different.  For one Dorrie is so cute and got quite a few comments.  And then there was the comment that she was not M or my baby…. Also just the logistics.  – The two of us maneuvering around with Dorrie and the diaper bag (and no stroller – cause I have heard that Dorrie hates the stroller with a passion) was quite comical – It took both of us.   Props to all you moms out there – YOU ROCK!   All in all this was a great experience cause not only did we get to hang out with Dorrie…. but also with her mom after the awesome hair cut!  I would gladly take a few hours off of work in the office for another one of these days!


One Response to “Babysitting in Nordstroms”

  1. Leah said

    Hooray! I’m glad you guys had fun. And that she was good. 🙂

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