On the same page or not even in the same book?

November 16, 2006

Sometimes my husband and I can have essentially the exact same thoughts, ideas, or actions.  It is actually kinda freaky sometimes.  I will come home from work and we will be talking about something that is going on in our life and we will have done an Internet search on the same thing…. or have the same idea about how to do something.  Granted, some of it makes sense, as we do live together and spend a good majority of our time together… but sometimes it is just really odd. 

And then there are the times when we are thinking or understanding two totally different things.  These times can be very frustrating and trying for both of us.  We both have the belief that the other person is smart enough to figure out what we are talking about, and don’t always put as much as we should into effectively communicating our thoughts.   These are great learning experiences as we can work to better understand how and what the other person is thinking.  And it gives us an opportunity to work through our differences so that at least we are both in the same chapter.


2 Responses to “On the same page or not even in the same book?”

  1. Lauren said

    Like when you are thinking, “Honey, tell me you love me.” and he is thinking, “Where is that TV remote?”

  2. Mrs. Chili said

    I get that all the time in equal quantities. My husband and I finish each other’s thoughts just as often as we completely confound each other. It’s a very nice mix.

    I’m wondering – your husband is Korean, yes? Was he born and raised in Korea? Were his parents raised in Korea? Do you think that has any impact on how you two communicate? I ask because I have two friends who are married to first-generation Americans – one’s married to a Chinese and one to a Ukranean – and they both talk about how, despite the fact that both their men were born in this country, cultural differences impact how communcation gets done in their relationships.

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