Angry World

November 15, 2006

Why is the world so angry and ready to thrust this anger on other people or blame other people, things, or events for their anger.  We are all guilty of feelings of unnecessary anger.  That time when you yell at the other driver for no reason, or you let your frustration with something escalate to ugly anger directed at someone else.  Also, as soon as some directs anger towards you it is very hard to be the bigger person and not retaliate with anger (or to even let it go).  I witnessed this on the train on my way home from work.  If you are leaving a station that has an open ticket window and you choose (or are forced) to buy your ticket on the train from the conductor instead there is an additional $2 charge.  There was a guy on the train tonight who, had not had enough time to buy his ticket at the station because he had come into Union Station on another train that was late.  He then expected that he would not have to pay the extra $2, but the conductor informed him that it was the rules and he had to pay.  There were a few words exchanged between them during the transactions… and then BOTH of them continued to talk about to other people… the conductor as he moved on his way and the guy to the poor guy next to him.  These were anger driven and filled conversations.  Unfortunately, there is not a magic button that can be pushed to make everyone less angry.  Also, today was an example of something that could have been a lot worse… the guy could have refused to pay the extra money, and then the conductor would have HAD to do something about it (when in reality, he probably could just let the extra $2 go). 

On an opposite note, last week I was actually surprised at the kind attitude and words from a girl working at a coffee shop.  It is too bad that good attitudes like that is not the norm.


2 Responses to “Angry World”

  1. Mrs. Chili said

    It’s sad, isn’t it, how few people can function in the world on anything other than anger and vitriol?

    I do my little part by trying to be ultra-aware of that in myself – and squashing it as quickly as possible. Also, I make a big deal out of being nice to people – not Pollyanna, make you sick to your stomach nice, but good, decent, and genuine. And I make a big deal out of people who are also like that, or who reciprocate what I give them. It’s not much, but at least it’s SOMETHING to do in the fact of all the negativity.

  2. sarah said

    reminds me of the frances mcdormand character in the movie ‘friends w/ money’. or the sandra bullock character in ‘crash’. there really is a lot of anger and rage in the world these days.

    someone has to break the cycle or humanity is just going to implode.

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