Just a little laugh

November 14, 2006

Today was pretty blah… not a lot good or bad happened.  I really do not like having those days, I feel all out of sorts.  For instance today, after about 10:00 AM, I was not comfortable in the outfit that I had on.  The outfit that had to last me until I got home around 7:00.  So that just created additional tension and blah feelings.  It was a typical ‘Monday’ at work – I know it was Tuesday, but since I was out yesterday all my Monday meetings were today.  I also had a very hard time focusing on one thing.  I would start something then without really getting anywhere, I would start a second, and then sometimes a third.  All this while, I would be going back and forth between the others.  It was very distracting and quite frustrating.


Then this afternoon, I fell out of my chair.  Now to be totally honest, this is not the first time this has happened.  My co-worker rounded the corner at just the right time to see me fall (He got a good laugh).  I actually think that little clumsy act helped to brighten my day.  It made me laugh and then I guess things were so dreary.  Nothing else really changed with the day, so that must have been it.  It is amazing how a little laughter can make things better.


2 Responses to “Just a little laugh”

  1. Mrs. Chili said

    Laughter DOES help – even a little (a little laughter or a little help – either way, it’s good.)

    If you need funny stuff, just let me know. I’ve got a treasure trove of funny that can help ease a blah day…

  2. Really, you? You, fell out of your chair? You don’t say. I think you need to have your inner ears checked. You end up on the floor way too often.

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