My Korean Family

November 6, 2006

My husband is Korean.  His parents came to the United States when they were in their late teens/early twenties.  B’s parents have been very accepting of me and have welcomed me into their family with warm hearts.  I know that I am lucky in this sense, as many other families may not have been as warm.  I am sure that they would have rather B married a Korean girl, but they have never even hinted at that to me.  It has been interesting forming a relationship with B’s parents.  His parents speak Korean as their first language and usually will have conversations in Korean even if I am around.  Because they are so accepting of me, I think that sometimes they forget that I cannot understand what they are saying.  I will sometimes get a look that says “what is your answer to the question I just asked”, while I am sitting there having no idea that a questions was even asked.  I have been able to pick up a few words/phrases along the way – understanding that is, I have not really mastered the speaking.  All in all, I know that I am very lucky to have been accepted into a family as warmly as I have been.  

I have many other thoughts and feelings on this, but I am unable to put them into words right now.  I will hash them around in my head for awhile… then write about them.


4 Responses to “My Korean Family”

  1. Beth said

    Does it bother you when they speak Korean around you? Just curious, I think that might get to me after a while.

  2. Andy said

    Are they good at speed-skating? I was wondering if that was a stereotype or if they’re all taught a young age…

  3. chris said

    Like my wife, I think I’d get paranoid and think they were talking about me. Maybe I’m just a self-centered ass 😉

  4. sarah said

    i’m a korean married to a caucasian, and my mom sometimes leaves voicemail for my husband in korean. she’ll start it off in english and then trail into korean. like what’s up w/ that?

    anyhoo, i found your blog via online espionage (sitemeter). thanks for the link love!

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